Narrative History

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The present day Alloy Welding Company has very deep roots. In 1940, Leonard J. Scharffenberger, using a small garage for his workplace, welded nickel alloy pots and electrical components for General Electric. At that time, Len Sr. was simply a welder, working under his own name, accepting any and all small welding jobs.

On October 6, 1946, the Alloy Welding Company officially came into existence. Len Sr. chose the name simply because it represented his specialty -- the welding of alloys. And thus Alloy Welding began -- an one-man operation in a one-car garage on Newton Street in Newark, New Jersey.

In 1950, Alloy Welding moved to "larger" quarters, a space about the size of a two-car garage. This structure, located on Bruce Street in Newark, New Jersey, was little more than a tin shed, unbearably hot in summer, and freezing cold in winter. At this time, Alloy Welding also became a two-man operation, mainly repairing fire escapes and making cellar doors. On Saturdays in the mid 1950's , Len Sr.'s 10 year-old son, Lenny Jr., would go to work with his dad. Lenny Jr. would sort nuts and bolts, as well as learning from his father how to read a ruler and take actual measurements. Lenny Jr. already knew from that early age that he wanted to be in the steel business.

When Lenny Jr. graduated in 1962, he went straight from his cap and gown to his goggles and welding torch at Alloy Welding which was by now housed in a 2500 sq. ft. building on Oraton Street in Newark, New Jersey. Fire escapes were in demand and Alloy Welding was kept quite busy.

Lenny Jr. developed "growing pains" as he envisioned doing small structural steel jobs -- and so the move was on to larger quarters of 3400 sq. ft. of rented space on Chestnut Avenue in Hillside, New Jersey. This provided some "stretching room" for the younger Lenny, but not for very long. His visions of larger scale structural fabrications were becoming a reality, and led to the 1975 purchase of a 5000 sq. ft. building on Shaw Avenue in Irvington, New Jersey. At this time, Len Sr., having seen the younger Lenny's dreams taking shape, took early retirement and headed to the Poconos to fish and hunt.

Lenny's wife Marilyn, took over the bookkeeping duties at that time & began to learn the ins and outs of the steel business. Learning the tools of the trade, Marilyn immersed herself in many of the aspects related to product purchase, product development, design & finances. She became secretary/treasurer in 1984.

The Shaw Avenue building enabled Lenny Jr. and his four-man staff to handle larger structural fabrication and the pieces that were to shape the future of Alloy Welding Company were almost all in place. The final components came together when Lenny Jr.'s son entered the business in 1986 and the goal of purchasing a few acres of commercial land in suburban Branchburg, New Jersey finally became a reality. Alloy Welding both designed and built its present day facility on this property.

The dreams of many people, across several generations, were realized on that day -- a journey from a one-car garage in Newark to a sprawling 32,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in rural New Jersey. And in the interim, Alloy Welding has become a major structural fabricator of medium to large size commercial and industrial complexes. Lenny's goal was always to be the best -- not necessarily the biggest -- and true to his goal, Alloy Welding is the best in the business.

In March 2008, Lenny Jr., suddenly and unexpectedly, passed away. Marilyn along with her son Len, made the decision to continue on, with Alloy Welding Co., with the agendas and in the tradition Lenny would have wanted and expected of them. Marilyn and Len rely on the gifts Lenny left within them... his knowledge and expertise; exceptional judgment; honesty; loyalty; commitment.

Lenny's goal "to be the best one can be," continues to be the theme for Alloy Welding Co. we carry forth in the tradition of Len Sr. & Lenny Jr. defined.

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